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    SHOCK GEAR was created in 2014 by two friends in the Culture Shock San Diego family: Angie Bunch and Liz Bernal. Angie Bunch is the founder of Culture Shock Dance Troupes, Inc., a world renown urban dance organization. Liz Bernal, Culture Shock International Advisory Board Member, is the founder of Thread619 urban apparel line. Thread619 was the original provider of Culture Shock apparel and after demand continued to grow, SHOCK GEAR was born as the official Culture Shock brand. SHOCK GEAR provides simple yet vibrant gear for the dancer of today – who respects and honors the past.


    SHOCK GEAR® is a Culture Shock Dance® apparel and accessory line created to preserve its 23+ year heritage. Our Mission is to promote a greater awareness of the Culture Shock Troupes and programs and provide accessibility to those interested in representing and supporting the Culture Shock name. SHOCK GEAR also supports these programs financially by making an annual donation to the foundation from a percentage of our sales.


    Our vision is simple:

    • to pay homage to our past by bringing back such favorite and iconic designs from the 90's such as our Boombox Man and original Star Wars Mission Statement Tee
    • to create a standard signature line, with bold graphics such as our SHOCK FAMILY line
    • to support social change with our rainbow PRIDE For All People design
    • to experiment with trends and fashions of the hip hop and urban dance culture of today
    Our retail storefront is located at the Culture Shock Dance Center in San Diego, California. Currently our shop hours are Saturdays from 10am-2pm. Please check our contact page for updates.